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Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing


If Windows Explorer keeps crashing, then your computer may be long overdue for what is known as a Windows registry tune up.

Have you already tried running antivirus software on your PC?

How about anti-spyware software?

If you have run both of these things and cleaned up your system, and yet still, Windows Explorer keeps crashing, then you may have a situation on your hands. More than likely your system is suffering from an unoptimized or corrupted Windows registry.

The Windows registry is your operating system’s master database. All of the information about all of the hardware, software, user accounts, networking, security, and operating system behavior are stored in this database. So every time you make a change on your system, such as adding new hardware, whether it is something you place inside your PC or even if you just plug in a USB device, the Windows registry gets updated with information about the new hardware. The same applies to software applications or even games that you install or uninstall on your computer. And every time you surf the Internet and download files, whether they are music, movies, documents, or images, Windows must read from or write to the Windows registry.

Over time, the registry can become corrupted and unoptimized. In plain English, that means that there could be outdated, missing, or invalid information in the database. It also means that the database is too large and that there’s a lot of wasted space.

If these situations were to occur, then your Windows Explorer will become extremely slow and unresponsive, your system will freeze up, and even crash.

Source by Hugh Kent

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