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Want to Earn $25 an Hour Online WITHOUT Paying for Traffic? Do THIS Right Before You Go to Bed


If you don’t have time, or have an impatient partner, you can also do it first thing in the morning, instead.

As a matter of fact, in an IDEAL world, you’d do it twice a day or more…..and any time of the day is perfect if you have passion.

What is “IT”….?

Creating content around something that you really LOVE. And using that content to build a community of fans, friends and followers who will not only enjoy what you have to say, they’ll learn from you, become inspired by you, and ultimately become your best customers and clients as well.

The absolute EASIEST way to earn $25 an hour with content creation?

It’s very simple, and while it can sound a bit abstract or esoteric, I’m going to lay it out for you, immediately below. The key is to keep it simple, keep it structured in a way that’s easy to follow, and of course, to keep it FUN and engaging enough that you want to continue. (which is why picking the right niche in step #1, around something that authentically interests you is really the KEY)

– Start with the niche that you LOVE. (this is important…..you don’t want to waste weeks, months or years on a niche that you have no genuine passion for, it’s getting WAY too tough to compete online if you don’t care about your market)

– Create a Content Cornerstone. (this is an organizational outline of everything you know about your niche, sort of like a data dump or master manifesto of your market, and your knowledge of your niche)

– Use that outline to write articles for 60-90 minutes a day. (or as long as you can……more is more!)

– Send your visitors to a landing page that does ONE thing and one thing only: It builds your list, using an opt-in form and a giveaway.

– Follow up with your subscribers using an auto responder…and every 3rd or 4th email, recommend either an affiliate program that serves their needs or advances their interest in the niche, OR more optimally of course, have something of your OWN to offer as well. (You can actually turn the organizational outline, the “Content Cornerstone” above into a whole coaching program, an ebook, a membership site, or whatever it is that you need)

In the end….earning $25, $50 or even $100 an hour is more about MATH than marketing. If you add 25 people an hour to your list using content, like above……and your average subscriber is worth $1 to your business, (which is very low for most markets) you are well on your way to building a predictable, profitable and easy to implement online business from scratch! (no “gurus” required)

Source by Ian Ross Hollander

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