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Using Content Marketing to Get More Traffic


Here’s how content marketing works:

Phase 1 People are looking for answers to their questions. They’re cold.

Phase 2 They’re finding answers to their questions through search engines and content.

Note: Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube not only allow you to share your content (answers) but also allows you to grow your following (soft list).

Phase 3 They’ve found your website (either by referral or by search engine.) This is where you make an offer (and get them to opt in to your list).

Phase 4 Segment your list (with email offers) and turn the leads you’ve collected into paying customers.

The Secret to getting traffic through content marketing…

Actually there’s no real secret other than you have to create content in order to market it. Content builds trust and credibility online not to mention it pushes traffic back to your site (when you do it right).

Seven tips for better content marketing:

1. Use keyword research to guide your content creation

2. Engage with your market and listen to their questions

3. Don’t solve problems you’ve never had

4. Make sure all your content links back to your main site

5. Make sure you have landing pages on your site that match the offer in your content

6. Test different offer and calls to action

7. Use good titles to get attention

Content marketing is a sure fire way to get more traffic to your site, but first you have to start creating content. So what are you waiting for? go create something.;)

Source by Jonathan Rivera

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