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The Golden Triangle: SEO – Social Media – Blogging


Succeeding takes a multi-pronged approach. Once you have a great website design, it’s time to figure out how you’ll attract customers. If you want to succeed on the web, consider our golden triangle strategic approach: SEO, Social Media, and Blogging.

All three of these strategies, applied in harmony, will help you drive targeted traffic to your website in droves.


It’s not enough to simply create a website and wait for traffic. You need optimisation. If you’re a company, SEO is necessary. Optimisation should be done based on a number of factors. Optimising your website for the search engines based on your target demographic, your industry, and competition level will help your site get found by potential clients.

Social Media

Social media sites are gold for getting traffic and building a reputation. They can help you get found, build relationships, and drive traffic to your site. A social media strategy that works in conjunction with your search engine optimisation plans can do a lot for your business.


Blogging isn’t just for hobbyists who want to stand up on a soapbox or express themselves digitally and / or anonymously. Large and small businesses that leverage the power of blogging can enhance their success substantially. Some businesses even use a WordPress blog as their main website rather than just as a piece of their site.

Do you know how to use the golden triangle approach, in harmony, to help your business thrive? Contact an SEO expert for an SEO quote and look at some of their informative training videos for further insight.

Source by Clint Maher

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