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The Best Option For Windows 7 Upgrade


Windows 7 Operating system is the latest version offered by Microsoft. This version is also the top selling operating system in the market today. However, there are still many users, who are not completely familiar with the enhancements and features of the operating system. Most of them also do not know how to upgrade the operating system without the help of an expert. If you are from the same group, this is the right content for you.

If you are looking at an option for upgrading your own laptop or PC, you should continue reading this article. After the release of this OS, of course, both good and bad news have been occurred. Here are details on the options for users to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 7.

From XP to Windows 7:

Many experts consider this operating system as a cheaper option for most users. Many are choosing this option for their systems. However, Windows XP has no direct upgrade path, which means that for a user to be able to upgrade to Microsoft 7, it is necessary to install the new Windows 7. It is also important manually move other files and applications to Windows 7. So be sure you have a backup copy of XP before deciding to upgrade your computer. Alternatively, you can make a double cabin for Windows 7 as well as for XP.

From Vista to Windows 7:

The advantage of having XP is that there is an upgrade path to Windows 7. Therefore, the files as well as applications could be moved without having to do anything. However, for sure, keep a backup in case you want to upgrade. Moreover, you have the option to dual boot Windows 7 as well as the Windows Vista. Vista users are also entitled to a cheaper upgrade price.

The update is limited to certain versions as “Windows Vista Home Premium” to “Windows Seven Home Premium”, “Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate”, “Vista Business” and “Microsoft Seven professionals”. Therefore, if you do not have proper knowledge on these, it is always best to ask an expert to do the Windows 7 Upgrade for you.

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