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The Absolutely Perfect Way To Keep Your Computer Safe While Surfing The Internet


Virus and malware problems plague most people on their computers today. Even with up to date virus and malware scanners and software, there are times where certain files that are downloaded to the computer will still cause some serious problems for your machine. At times these viruses, malware, and trojans completely lock you out of your operating system completely destroying your computer. Is there any way to stay safe while surfing the internet?

One way of staying completely safe is to not surf the internet with your main operating system. This might seem confusing and difficult but it is not. The concept is to use a virtual machine to run a different operating system on your machine and only surf the internet from that one. If there is a problem where you do get a virus or malware, it will be only attached to that virtual machine and not effect your main operating system.

Many use programs like VM Ware and VirtualBox as well as Linux distributions to accomplish this on their system for free. It will take a little of learning, but once set up you will be protected better than you are surfing the internet on your main operating system.

These programs have seamless modes meaning that you will be able to run that operating system and the browser in it just like a normal program but will have the ease knowing you are safe. The downside is that this will take up more ram than needed for just a browser. If you are on a machine with quite a bit extra ram, this can be done. On an older machine this will not work too well at all.

You can surf the internet in your virtual machine so that you can keep your computer safer from all the malicious programs that are trying to ruin your machine.

Source by Christopher JA Wang

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