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Product Creation – Step by Step Guide to Develop Ebook Content and Build Your Online Business


As an Internet marketer developing, writing and selling niche content in books is one of the best strategies to use in your sales for. However, knowing how to properly develop and e-book is very important in order to provide valuable content to your target niche audience, subscribers and customers.

I am going to assume that you are going to create a 10 chapter ebook, which is the average for what you want to develop. Now, if you are choosing to write something short (as I recommend you do, something in the neighborhood of 40-60 pages), then you will put about 5-6 sections in each chapter. If your book is longer, you could add a few chapters or you can go to about 10 sections or more per chapter (that will get clearer in a few moments).

Obviously the first step is deciding what you are going to write about. Remember, when you are writing online, the most important thing is that you are writing to give information. People online want to learn how to do something, how to make something better, how to solve a problem. So think of a problem in your niche which you can solve.

For the purpose of this article, I am going to create a sample niche – painting your house.

So, if my niche is painting your house, what are some ideas for problems I can solve?

How about these:

1. How to paint your house

2. How to paint the outside of your house

3. Easy way to paint your house

Now, if this is the problem I am going to solve, then every chapter, every section in this eBook should support that problem and the solving of it. If anything I write about, for example, painting furniture, does not support my primary topic, it should be left out of my ebook.

The next step is to come up with 10 supporting ideas or steps to solving the problem you have chosen.

Here is a sample set of chapters in a painting your house manual:

Step one: Fundamentals of painting your house

Step two: Choosing the right paint for your house

Step three: Choosing the right paint brushes and other tools for each section of your house

Step 4: Preparing your house for painting (moving furniture, removing old paint, etc.)

Step 5: How to paint the large areas

Step 6: How to paint trim, etc.

Step 7: How to fix mistakes (overlapped paint colors, paint on windows, etc.)

Step 8: How to make your painting job last longer

Step 9: Other tips and techniques for painting your house

Since I am not a painter, I must have missed something – there are only 9 steps in this hypothetical house painting book.

Now, assuming I am going to write a short book (40-60 pages), I can target 5 pages per step and I will have about 45 pages. Some chapters will be a little longer, so that will probably put me at about 55 pages, and once I add the title, etc., I will be easily at 60 pages, which is a bargain at $10 – a good deal at $47 online, especially since when I write this I am going to focus only on the information needed to learn this subject – I do not believe in adding filler to your ebooks just to make them longer.

The next step, of course, is to write the section topics. To do this, take each one of your chapter topics and come up with at least 5 steps that will make that topic clear to your reader.

As an example, I will create the section topics for Step 4: Preparing your house for painting:

1. Moving furniture

2. Preparing the ground

3. Preparing the surfaces to paint

4. Taping off windows, etc.

5. Getting organized

Go through this process with each of the 10 chapter topics you have.

Notice that I have not mentioned beginning to write any of the sections or chapters yet – and this is because you do not want to start doing this until you have every topic about which you will write, chosen and in a list, just like the ones I have created here.

If you are out to attract prospective customers and develop your online presence and exposure, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about Internet marketing.

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Source by David Hale

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