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Graphic Design Elements: Time Following


Time management is an important part of the graphic designer’s work because no matter how clever you might be at design, if you are unable to get the aims completed on time, there will be consequences. Most clients might just hire someone else. This is why time tracking might just be the most principal thing to do in order to conserve those customers happy and coming back to you. Graphic design can be a very tedious process and you might need all the help you can get from outside resources. This is why you cannot rely on your mind alone to keep a track of time frames – you will get more stressed and hence more confused and will not be able to do your best at the actual designing.

This is why it is effective to just write things down as soon as you receive instructions from a distinguishing employer or client. Don’t just write the cutoff date and the necessary tidbits but jot down proper detailed instructions. You will be surprised at how quickly you may forget them otherwise. Even things as simple as using a distinguishing font can be forgotten in a matter of minutes because soon you will be concentrating on other jobs from other clients and the specifications might get mixed up. Don’t leave these things to memory and you will be fine. Make use of diary at the least to write down these specifics as you receive them from the client. Making use of Microsoft Excel will also be a good idea since those spreadsheets will help you hold everything in columns and you can highlight influential things. You can also make use of color coding to group similar items or to highlight critical cutoffs.

If you are unable to spend money on time tracking systems software though, the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet can also be helpful. It is better to at least chalk out projects fine points on this one rather than doing it on paper where there might be a chance to lose it. Of course you will need to put in more effort than any of the aforementioned programmed application software but still, all the effort will be worth it to hold you aligned. Color coding in excel spreadsheets can be an powerful asset and you can highlight the critical assignments in a color like red and you might also color code other things in a much the same way to group them or something. For the columns you should add all news like achievement time, deadline of project, task type and amount of money that you will be getting paid. It can be any other technicalities that you have received from the client and any reminders from your side too.

From deadline tracking to generation of invoice and automated timesheet entries you can do your work much easier. With these program solutions, you can also do proper breakdown of tasks, along with report generation and options for emailing invoices to clients.

Source by Jenny Hitchworth

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