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Blogging Tips For Beginners – 4 Steps How To Attract Readers To Your Blog


The 4 steps how to attract readers to your blog are:

1. Write to entertain and to educate, don’t think about gaining money during early months of blogging.

Share what you know, tell the latest news, provide guides and how to tips. Don’t let money control you. During the initial phase of your blog, write articles with the intention of educating the reader.

2. Write straight from the heart.

Tell your reader who you are, where are you from, what are your day job right now, tell them are you a student or not, your personal status (single or married) and tell them why you keep on blogging. Write straight from the heart just like you are talking honestly from the heart.

3. Pick 4 popular blogs as your personal reference.

You can use popular blogs are your personal reference in building readership for your own blog. Keep in mind do not copy these popular blog, just find out what they do, how they develop their original content, study their writing style and adapt the same approach to your blog. Don’t copy, just follow, adapt, innovate.

4 Make friend with other bloggers.

Blogging is fun because you will get to know other bloggers as well who write the same topic as you are. You need friends online. Make friend with other bloggers then keep on producing helpful contents. They will link their blog content with your helpful contents, lastly adding more incoming links to your blog, after that making your blog looks important to the search engine. You will be rewarded with good position in search engine ranking.

Source by Lia Nadia Qistina

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