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Blogging for Profits Little But Real Story


John Doe was sitting in front of his computer reading about blogging for profits. He has lost his job two weeks ago and was searching for something else in the same field when by mistake he click on an ad and came across a home base business opportunity. The Internet page loaded up in a big red title:

“Replace Your Day Job and Make More Money Working From the Comfort of Your Home”

After being searching desperately for the past two-week in vain, John read through the page. It’s stated how easy it was to make money from a simple blog, it told him all the benefits and at the end, suggests learning more by adding his email and first name in the opt-in box… And he did it.

A month later John Doe claim he was blogging for profits. But after he had loaded his last credit card with all kind of programs and systems that were supposed to teach him how to do this and that with a simple click of a button, John Doe haven’t seen a penny. He was now deeper in the whole, monthly bills where piling up, deb’s collector where calling and, even the bank manager tell him about a possible foreclosure since he couldn’t meet his mortgage monthly payment.

Sadly, John has worked sixteen to heighten hour a day for the past month trying to set up a site, a blog and getting traffic to it. He tried PPC, Banner ad, Google AdSense. Nothing worked. John spent another week trying SEO tips and tweaking his site but still no result. He was now getting a little more traffic but no click on his ads and no sales.

John hasn’t been misleading by the programs he bought; he has only miss the most important thing: read between the lines. Step out of the box. Be different, original and make his readers opt-in and come back. John did everything the programs has told him to do but didn’t had a plan to follow. He was putting ads on his site and was praying for readers to click on them and buy.

John failed miserably and quit…

There are thousands of new John Doe every day in the Online business. Don’t be one of them. Before you go online have your plan ready and follow it.

Source by Claude Arsenault

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