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Atomic Blogging Review 2010


Is there any doubt that making money blogging is probably the easiest way to begin earning money from your Internet marketing efforts? Most people have the necessary skills to immediately begin blogging the day they decide to start earning money online.

But one of the biggest mistakes many new bloggers experience is they don’t have a plan on how to proceed. They simply start blogging one day without either a short term or a long term goal. Unfortunately, this is a big mistake since many would-be bloggers quit within the first six months. If they would have had a step by step plan, most bloggers wouldn’t become frustrated so quickly and quit trying shortly there after.

In order for the new blogger to get off on the right foot, I have purchased Atomic Blogging and will review it. Atomic Blogging has been around for several years but is constantly updated to reflect the changing blogging scene. I am going to review it to see if it would help the new blogger get off to a great start.

Obviously, it is geared to the new to intermediate experienced bloggers. It does mention that after reading Atomic Blogging a novice would be able to set up a new blog in about one hour. Since I have some experience with setting up blogs, I asked my husband to read it and then set up a blog within an hour. Luckily, Atomic Blogging virtually walked him through the entire process of setting up a blog step by step. He was easily able to accomplish that task in under an hour. In fact, if he could do it, I am sure nearly everyone could also do it. He is a technophobe of the highest order.

Another great thing about it is the plugin given to all students to increase the search engine ranking of all their blogs.This plugin helps the blogs to become indexed into the major search engines and to often outrank more established sites within a short period of time. The plugin alone with worth the cost of Atomic Blogging.

One aspect of Atomic Blogging that was shocking to me was it encouraged the readers to set up a blog network. It didn’t just focus on setting up one blog, but on many blogs. When setting up many blogs, each blog can earn just a few dollars a day, but the cumulative effect is outstanding. If the blogger made 100 or 1000 blogs which earned a paltry two dollars a day, they would earn $200 to $2000 dollars per day. Most other blogging guides just concentrate on creating one blog. It wants its readers to push the envelope and make as many blogs as they can.

In my opinion, Atomic Blogging is the whole blogging solution at a very fair price. It includes a website template, WordPress plugin, videos, and a lengthy e-book detailing exactly how everything should work together. It encourages the reader to make multiple sites in order to help spread the risk and reward of blogging.

Source by Calvin Ho

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