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6 Steps To Put Your Blogging In The Fast Lane


We all have time constraints, getting stuff done quickly and effectively is essential if you want to get more out of your life. Blogging is a notorious time consumer and that can remove the possibilities and joy it contains. Don’t let this happen. These are the techniques I use to speed up my blogging so I can get the job done, even with working 6 days a week, a wife to love and a daughter to look after.

How can you do it?

  1. Make your plan for the week (limit=2 hours)

    – Spend a few hours at the start of the week planning what you are going to write, this basically means what topics and creating the titles. IMPORTANT: Put this plan into writing.

  2. Prepare & Create (limit=5 minutes)

    – I put these titles onto an empty page in my word processor and then command (strongly) my unconscious to work on the articles and I literally sleep on it.

  3. Write (limit=30 minutes)

    – When it comes to writing make sure you are off line (that means the Internet cable is UNPLUGGED! Yup, that means NOT in the computer!) and tell yourself you are just going to write for a few minutes to get started. You will find you hit the flow and get the basics down pretty quick.

  4. Improve (limit=15 minutes)

    – So, after 5-30 minutes of writing the shell is complete, then you need to read through it and improve it. Basically check it flows and change the phrasing to make the message clearer.

  5. Polish (limit=15 minutes)

    – read through it once more and be critical, check it’s easy to read and your core message jumps out at the reader.

  6. Publish (limit=30 minutes)

    – now you can log onto the net and give yourself 30 minutes to get the post up. This means finding pictures or links or quotes or whatever is necessary and getting the formatting right.

The them of this is to choose your limits and your mind will work as hard as you can imagine to fit into them. Give it and go and find out for yourself.

Source by Steve Whitesnake

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